Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Song for Unsung Heroes

This file was too big to upload. For those who are friends with me on Facebook, I have uploaded the video there for you to watch

For the most part all of my posts will be solos, but as I am the one holding the alto line, I felt this would be appropriate. Up until college, I focused almost completely on solo singing, only dappling in choral music where the opportunity presented itself at church. It was when I began attending BYU that I became more interested in choral music. My freshman year (2008-2009), I participated in University Chorale under the direction of Brent Rodgers and Cristina Bishop (graduate students in choral conducting). Initially I sang as a first soprano for one semester and then moved to second soprano the following semester. This was my first exposure to the unique style of chorale instruction at Brigham Young University. In the year following (2009-2010), I was blessed to be admitted into the prestigious BYU Women's Chorus under the direction of Jeanne Applonie, in which I sang first alto. The performance in this video fell between the two. It is the final piece performed at the voice recital in July 2009.

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